TapSEC is a business development and marketing firm which facilitates the award of voice, video, security, and multimedia technology service projects. This includes hardware and services solutions.

These efforts include preparation and submission of GSA Schedules (Professional Engineering, SAM (Security) and Information Technology), Blanket Purchasing Agreements, and GSA bids. TapSEC also provides customer training in each of the above areas. Additionally, TapSEC has led to successful teaming arrangements which have resulted in more than $144,562 million of funded awards since September 2002.

TapSEC provides the following services:

  1. Market Analysis
  2. Business Development and Sales
  3. Preparation and Submission of GSA Schedules
  4. Sales Training
  5. Sales Support
  6. Contract Negotiation
  7. Teaming Facilitation
  8. Sales Call Center Operations
  9. Pricing Analysis
  10. CRM Selection, Configuration, and Management